Elite Window and Cleaning Services



Window Cleaning

• 100% coverage of windows due to the water-fed brush head.
• Most hard to reach windows now accessible.
• All your UPVC, frames and sills will be cleaned at the same time.
• No risk of falling - complies with Health and Safety Executive requirements.
• No soapy residue or environmental damage to plants, shrubs or lawns as no chemicals used.
• More privacy for you, we don't see inside your house.
• Doesn't matter if it is raining when we call, the results are the same every time.

Elite offers a regular window cleaning service to both residential and commercial customers.

We use the latest, safety system which incorporates ladderless cleaning and uses 'Pure' water. This enables us to leave your windows completely smear free and your frames, sills and doors sparkling clean. The results will also last longer than traditional window cleaning methods, however we can still clean windows 'the old fashioned way' if you prefer.

Depending on where you live, your windows will most probably need to be cleaned every 6-8 weeks. Of course if you live by a busy main road or close to the sea or have a very wooded area nearby you may need them cleaned more frequently. We can advise you on this. We also are happy to offer 'one-off' cleaning for example at the end of a tenancy, or if you are moving house, OR more infrequent cleaning such as quarterly or annually.

Another advantage of our service is that we will always let you know that we are coming by phone or text the previous day/evening.



Pure Water System
The water that we use is considered ultra-pure water as it has been passed through a six stage filtration process to remove all contaminants.
Efficient and Health & Safety compliant
All types of windows cleaned